What is cloud telephony?

Our world is driven by mobile phones or in short smart phones are owning the world. World has become a ‘’digital village’ and in this highly technofied environment, ‘’Cloud’’ has been developed as the new normal thing in the ecosystem. It is the current buzzword which has revolutionized the entire territory of communications with data and voice-centered hosted services. It is one such communication technology that is born from cloud after the insurgence and evolution of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the communications environment.

Cloud telephony is a telephone communications service delivered over a high speed internet connection as opposed to a local Private Branch Exchange (PBX) infrastructure. With cloud telephony, all the communication applications like servers, switching and routing systems, PRI lines, SIP trunk, etc., are maintained and hosted by the service provider. The customers only have to pay for the services and applications they use without having to implement a costly telecommunications system on the premise.

Cloud telephony providers host their data and telecommunications services on a cloud server infrastructure, which is located in one or more high security data centers. Cloud telephony subscribers can access the applications over the internet via a desktop handset or through a web browser using a software dashboard.

There are so many benefits of using cloud-based telephony such as; it warrants zero investment on hardware, quick deployment, demand scalability, highly customizable, reliable, intuitive reporting, easy to upgrade and many more.

Cloud telephony is extremely secure and supports advance features and functions. Many organisations worldwide are switching to cloud telephone because of its technological advancements and cost effectiveness.

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