Scientific Research & Myths on Mobile Tower Radiation

We live in a world full of myths, lies and unsubstantiated facts and this can’t be more accurate in case of mobile telephony. The technology which brought in a positive and paradigm shift in our daily lives is now getting blamed for health hazards, including cancer. Even though there is no scientific evidence to establish the relationship – direct or indirect – between mobile tower radiation and cancer, the world is increasingly losing its sleep over it.

It is important to note here that world over thousands of researches were conducted on this topic and none could – even remotely – establish mobile tower emission as the reason for cancer among humans. While everyone is scared of the word emission and radiation, we often fail to take into account the basic nature of radiation and emission which comes out of the mobile towers. Classified as non-ionizing radiation, these radio frequencies are incapable of reacting with the human body cells unlike their ionizing version such as X-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet rays.

Secondly, we must also understand the level at which these RF are emitted by mobile towers. World over very stringent standards have been set up to ensure that these RFs are within safe limits. Interestingly, India adheres to ever stricter norm, which is ten times less than the norm prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The reason for maintaining such high standards of safety is to ensure that the RFs coming out of the mobile towers are so low in strength that it does impact even a pregnant mother.

Also while taking into account the rules and regulations put in place by the country, one must also consider the way these are adhered to by the industry. In India, the telecom and mobile tower companies give highest priority to public health and the regulatory and government bodies ensure regular checks of the mobile towers. In case of any violation – which is getting rarer these days – the culprit ends up shelling out a heavy penalty, with a loss of face in the public.

In nutshell, mobile towers only ensure seamless connectivity for everyone. All doubts regarding its adverse impact on health is as far from reality as it could be. Misconception of any nature will only hurt the country’s ambitious plan for providing seamless connectivity till the last mile. At present, mobile towers are the need of the hour to ensure that every person, even in the remotest corner of the country avails this basic facility. Creating any wrong perception about telecom services will not only hamper growth of the country, but it is also a disservice to the society.

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